Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cable and Phone Plans, So Many Possibilities

"Cord-cutting", the popular term for turning off cable TV and home phone services, looks like it may be boomeranging in European markets. This article is exposing how the pipe into the home is pretty important and companies in Europe are approaching customers with creative package bundles to ensure customers keep cable and home phone services and instead cut costs by reducing their mobile bills. An interesting idea is at the bottom of the article where Orange is making remote controls that look and act a lot more like mobile phones.

In the US we can only dream of the billing amounts in this article, where our mobile phone and cable bills are much higher, but the article shows how complicated the marketing efforts are to entice the users to keep the household budget with one provider. I believe recent quarterly reports from some operators show that while they have lost some subscribers in the US to cord-cutting, they remain profitable with creative packaging.

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