Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Alticast Blog – Android TV

When the winds are shifting, it’s wise to be prepared for every eventuality.  That’s good advice, whether you’re talking about the unpredictability of our spring climate or about changes in consumer behavior that can impact business environments.

The weather report around the pay-TV landscape has been unsettled of late.  The talk within the past week alone has been about how the number of streaming video viewers has reached parity with pay-TV subscriptions, Amazon’s interest in striking deals with pay-TV operators and the growing number of online video providers competing for the minds, hearts and eyeballs of consumers.

What’s a service provider to do when the headline asks “SVOD friend or foe of pay TV?”  One answer we’ve been hearing in our customer dialogues has been an increased interest in Android TV solutions that can enable operators to tailor services to address the viewing habits of cord-cutting Millenials. Because Android TV can be deployed in OTT or managed network environments, it offers service providers the flexibility they need to adapt as consumer viewing habits continue to evolve.

At Alticast, the feedback we’re getting from the market is that prime time for Android TV may be fast approaching.  We’ll be talking more about the benefits of Android solutions as we approach the NAB Show next month in Las Vegas, so watch this space in the weeks ahead.