Friday, August 9, 2013

Korea Telecom Launches Web Based IPTV Service

Korean IPTV operator KT has announced the launch of “Olleh TV Smart”, an HTML5 based next-generation IPTV service accessible from both set-top boxes and user devices such as PC’s, smartphones, and tablets.

KT Media Hub CEO, Ju-Sung Kim, said during a press conference held in Seoul, “Implementing HTML5 in Olleh TV, allows us to emerge from the dependency on a specific platform and establish a foothold in an open ecosystem for all subscribers, content providers and broadcasters. KT will continue to adopt diverse services with expandability and interactivity, enabling the convergence of traditional broadcast and Internet service.”

The use of HTML5 provides an open User Experience (UX) that can be deployed across multiple devices. HTML5 also provides a much easier way to update and improve the User Experience. As part of KT’s new UX they have introduced an exciting application that converges live stream baseball games with statistics about the players. While subscribers watch the game, they can check the players’ profiles, previous scores, and the status of other games in real time. They can also instantly re-play key moments of the game. KT is planning to expand this mash-up service to golf, soccer and other sports, as well as travel and cooking.

KT will launch additional features including HTML5-based interactive education, cloud games, ‘Cloud DVD’ and private broadcasting services in coming months. Users will be able to view purchased content on TV, smartphones and other devices and upload pictures taken on their smartphones. Finally, users can make their own favorite channels according to their interests and play premium games.

Alticast has been partnering with KT since 2008 with continual development and enhancement of Olleh TV. Alticast has been a key partner providing technological resources and experience to successfully manage and deliver a high performing, multi-functional project. Alticast will continue to play a key role in delivering KT’s industry-leading technology and applications.

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