Friday, November 15, 2013

North American Cable Operators Visit Korea

A contingent of North American Cable Operators visited Alticast 's Korean HeadQuarters last week and shared their views on the future of cable television. While they were there they took a field trip to visit Korean operators to see some technology in action. Here the executives were viewing Alticast's Downloadable and Exchangeable support hardware that handles the security services for over 5M users. 

They also were able to see native and HTML5 systems with features including companion device integrations and application stores. The highlight of the trip may have been a fun night out with traditional Korean Barbecue.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


As Operators begin to use HTML5 to deliver the User Experience for millions of people to multiple devices, understanding how to optimize their UI will be very important. We are keeping our sights on this and will be posting various ideas for optimization so that Operators can broaden their scope of devices where they might deliver an HTML5 UX. The television industry has unique devices with legacy systems that are quite restricted in CPU and memory, so optimizing the UX can really pay off. 

The cable industry isn't alone in considering this challenge, and in fact there is a whole conference that is held at least twice a year on Web Performance. Fortunately the conference posts videos of their talks and interviews on YouTube. Below is the listing of videos from their most recent event in SantaClara, and if you are in the area, the next one is in London starting Wednesday Nov. 13th. We'd like to hear your ideas too, so please enter comments or contact us to enter a guest posting.