Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Demise of CableCARD Opens Major New Benefits for DCAS

If you haven't yet seen this, click on the link below to watch John Carlucci, President and CTO of Alticast, North America, discuss the demise of the CableCARD.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Alticast Showcases Latest Video Delivery Solutions at CSTB 2015

Alticast’s Latest Solutions Simplify the Delivery of New Video Services

Amsterdam – January 21, 2015– Alticast, a global partner for the delivery of media entertainment, will show satellite, cable and terrestrial operators, as well as other telecommunications providers attending the upcoming CSTB Exhibition in Russia how its latest solutions can simplify the development and delivery of new, more personalized, multiscreen TV viewing experiences. The demonstrations will take place throughout the show (January 27-29) in Moscow at the Crocus Expo Centre in booth 509, Hall 4.

Alticast will showcase its latest solutions at the show, which cover satellite, cable, terrestrial and IPTV video delivery as well as enabling operators to add tablet and mobile capabilities for multi-screen functionality.  The company will particularly focus on its innovative Cloud User Interface (UI) solution and its AltiPlex™ Cloud Services Platform (CSP).

“The advanced solutions we will show at CSTB 2015 are ideal for Russian service providers that must continually offer new and compelling video services to their subscribers while containing costs,” said Tiaan Schutte, Alticast’s President for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).  “Our solutions overcome the inherent complexity of multiscreen video delivery to truly simplify the deployment of new services, enabling operators to focus on innovating new services for their subscribers.”

Alticast’s key demonstrations at CSTB 2015 will include:

AltiView 2™,  Alticast’s advanced user experience (UX) dynamically presents the UI based on subscribers past viewing behavior and leverages real-time viewing statistics from all subscribers to highlight trending content. This approach maximizes content discovery while minimizing user interaction, thereby embracing the traditional lean-back TV viewing experience while driving content consumption.

        Alticast’s Cloud UI application provides a thin client/server model for delivering the user experience to all devices in the home. This architecture reduces demands on the STB processor and memory by pre-processing the UI in the Cloud, enabling cable operators to use ‘thin client’ STBs.  Operators can take advantage of Alticast’s Cloud UI to deploy new user experiences (UX) much quicker. It also provides the opportunity to present a variety of UX in a household, for example a child-based, a sports or a movie experience.
        Alticast staff will also brief attendees on an end-to-end solution that is comprised of the AltiView 1 fully featured UX, AltiPlatform™ market proven middleware, AltiProtect™ integrated content security and AltiPlex Cloud Services Platform which performs all the ‘heavy-lifting’ for delivering a robust user UX. This package is easily operator branded and includes a broad set of features to select for extending a variety of services to the subscriber.

Media and other parties interested in meeting with Alticast executives at CSTB 2015 should contact to schedule a time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alticast Appoints John Carlucci President of North American Operations

Cable Industry Veteran Guides Alticast to Greater Success in the Growing North American Cable Market

Alticast, a global partner for the delivery of media entertainment, has promoted its CTO John Carlucci to the newly created role of President of Alticast North America. With more than two decades worth of experience in the cable industry and over 20 patents to his name, Carlucci is widely recognized as an expert in the digital television field and will continue to serve as Alticast’s CTO in addition to taking on the duties of President.

For three years Carlucci has been Alticast’s CTO, playing a key role in the development of the company’s products and solutions.  A pioneer of next-generation user experiences, Carlucci’s work includes Emmy Award-winning, industry-leading designs for both Start Over/Network DVR and switched-digital video (SDV) applications.

John was the obvious choice when we decided to create the position of President” says Alticast CEO Won Cheol Kang. “His experience, track record of success and outstanding technical expertise make him ideal to serve both as President and CTO and to drive Alticast to even greater achievements.”

Carlucci previously worked for Time Warner Cable (TWC) as the Vice President of Engineering for Polycipher, where he led the cable industry joint venture’s engineering department. Through this he developed security standards and infrastructure for next-generation video networks as well as architected “everything-on-demand video systems” for cable.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CES 2015

From all accounts, the Internet of Things (IoT) was the darling of CES 2015, touted by numerous companies showing a wide range of IoT-based applications from security to healthcare solutions. At CES, Alticast set up at least 12 different demos in a double suite in the Venetian. Like other pioneers in this emerging technology area we presented demonstrations to gain insight from customers, to learn their thoughts on the future directions IoT might take.

We shared our ideas about IoT and explained how cable operators might consider their approach to integrating this burgeoning technology into their existing infrastructure in the home. It seems like a good match as they already have connected hardware that can collect sensor information, they work with a variety of display devices that can be used to view IoT information, they often provide the network within the home and they already have a relationship with the customer.

One of our key demos was with a household provider of aggregated IoT services, offering solutions from furnace control to security.  The integrated demo exemplified how the system would work and the key role operators could play in offering such ss, giving us greater insight as we consider the longer term roadmap for the connected house.ervices. The demo was well received and operators provided insightful feedback which gave us greater insight as we consider the longer term roadmap for the connected house.