Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Taking the Lead in Content Protection

In an IP video world that is a jumble of sources, formats and devices, protecting content is no easy task.  So when we’re recognized for doing that task well, it’s especially fitting that we take a bow.  According to SNL Kagan, Alticast and our AltiProtect security system are in rarified company as one of the global leaders in IPTV content protection. 

Here’s what’s special about AltiProtect:  It provides service providers and rights holders with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness they need to safeguard SD, HD and UHD premium content – using pay-TV conditional access (CAS) or digital rights management (DRM) -- from piracy and unauthorized use.  What’s more, it can span the full range of pay-TV architectures and device deployments, from legacy to next-generation systems with a multi-DRM solution.

As the industry moves toward new investments in premium 4K/UHD content, Alticast is once again leading the way in championing greater security – this time through the use of specialized content protection techniques, such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 128 bit keys.  To learn more about how Alticast can safeguard your content, please visit the Content Protection section of our website. 

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