Monday, November 2, 2015

Securing UHD Content

If pay-TV is bringing high-value, proprietary sports content to 4K, is the threat of piracy far behind?

Rogers’ Communications’ recent announcement that it would offer a total of 100 baseball and hockey games in 4K next year, BT’s planned launch of a 4K sports channel and deployment of 4K STBs by forward-thinking operators such as Videotron all are signs of a growing recognition of the value of both the technology and the display enhancements enabled by its High Dynamic Range (HDR).

But as operators move the needle on content, what’s equally important is protecting that premium programming with stronger Conditional Access Systems (CAS).  While the 64-bit systems in use by most operators today is sufficient for current needs, better choices for securing higher-value 4K content -- now and in the future -- would be the 128-bit or 256-bit versions of the Advanced Encryption Standards (AES).

The coming availability of live sports can give pay-TV a competitive edge in countering early moves by Amazon, Netflix and over-the-top providers to leverage the growth of 4K.  You can read more here about the measures the industry can take to ensure that its investments in 4K production and delivery are protected as it brings that content to market.

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