Monday, September 21, 2015

The UHD Alliance Sets Industry-Wide Standards for 4K Content

The Ultra High Definition Alliance (UHDA), a group made up of nearly 30 industry heavyweights, has been working diligently to develop specifications for 4K products and services that will make UHD programming even more appealing to consumers.

Hanno Basse, the president of the UHD Alliance, says “The Alliance believes that the most compelling next-generation experience delivers 4K resolution, high dynamic range, wide color gamut, high frame rate, immersive audio and other features that create a dramatic new experience for consumers.”  

Knowing that companies like 20th Century Fox, Netflix and DirecTV are working together to set standards for 4K content, consumers will feel confident in their decision to upgrade to UHD. Based on the fact that worldwide 4K TV sales beat expectations in 2015, and are expected to make up 61 percent of TV sales by 2020, consumers are already recognizing UHD as the “next-generation video standard.”

While UHDA is setting standards on everything from acronyms and feature descriptions to color gamut and audio, cable operators will need to set a standard for the way they deliver this premium content. Alticast offers many cost-effective solutions to ensure that UHD content is secure from piracy and unauthorized use, putting operators’—and consumers’—minds at ease during the transition.   

For more information on the 4K specifications, check out CED’s article here.

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