Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laser technique for faster Internet. It is simple!

Sometimes simple is all it takes. Many of us heard about phase cancellation during our physics classes. Think of two ocean waves that overlap to cancel each other out.  A new noise reduction technique for laser optics uses a similar approach sending two signals down the fiber path and subtracting them to remove common noise when they arrive at the receiver.

With growing consumer appetite for bandwidth rich video and other services, this technique could help with optical lines. Optical lines may one day reach all the way to your home.

The technologists applying the technique remark on the simplicity:

"At the receiver, if you superimpose the two waves, then all the distortions will magically cancel each other out, so you obtain the original signal back,” Liu told the BBC. “This concept, looking back, is quite easy to understand, but surprisingly, nobody did this before.” Venture Beat has more.

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