Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alticast at 2014 RDK Tech Summit

Written by Mark Johnson, RDK Product Manager, Alticast

Alticast was invited to speak at the RDK Tech Summit in Atlanta GA this week. The training was geared towards developers implementing RDK solutions and was attended by operators and set-top box providers,  as well as system of a chip (SoC) and application developers from around the world.

Amir Nathoo, Principal Software Engineer at Alticast reviewed the RDK 2.0 RMF (RDK Media Framework) foundation and RMF Application components. He identified which components need to be customized to address different operator use cases, business rules and back office systems.
Mark Johnson RDK Product Manager discussed collaborative development tools and approaches.  He discussed how these tools are being used to help operators increase visibility, reduce duplicated effort and increase speed to market, while keeping current with the latest RDK releases.
The event was well attended and it was exciting to see the level of interest in RDK from numerous operators and diverse vendor community.

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